Walk , Run and Jump Circuit

Walking across the Climb Circuit, the child reaches the most attractive two-level play pen which has various slides, ball pools and through a chain of tunnels and Spider web. This circuit holds the majority types of activities where children generally indulge in playing for more time as suggested. This Circuit has been the most favourite for children 2 years to 8 years.

Main Attraction : Tunnel, Slides, Ball Pool & Spider Web


Jump Circuit

Jump Circuit is the most favourite stress buster for all age groups as children drain out all their energy jumping over the two level trampoline designed especially for both toddler age group and kids too.

Main Attraction : Two Level Trampoline with precise height clearance.


Run Circuit

Run Circuit has been named after the action involved where in children tend to run collecting balls and loading them in their guns, which act as their weapons in shooting on their parents or friends.

Main Attraction : Shooting Guns & Ball Blasters.